3 Steps to be BFFs for Life. 

When we think of kids and dogs, people often think *BOOM* harmony is born.
Right?!  I mean, they are like PB&J (or cheese and pickle - if you're British!). Peas in a pod, growing up together and exploring life's crazy adventures.
BUT, all that rainbows and unicorns stuff doesn't always come naturally. 


Why 'Yes' Always Beats 'No'

Are you sick to the back teeth of saying "no" to your kids, dog, or both?
What is you tried saying "YES" instead?

Sound crazy?

Maybe. But it totally works! Trust me, I'm a doctor dog trainer! ... READ MORE


Perfection - It Ruins Everything.

I’ve been thinking a LOT about perfection recently.
We are bombarded (on a daily basis!) with pictures, videos, and ads about how to be ‘perfect’ at ABSOLUTELY E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. - from our face and body, to our homes and holidays, our partners and kids, and now, even our dogs. 


Do You *Really* Love Your Dog?

Seeing and accepting your dog for who they REALLY are, and then 
loving them for exactly that isn’t always easy - but it certainly makes for a much better relationship.


Why Dr. Doolittle was Right! 

YES! Talk to the animals... it's magic.

In all seriousness, TALKING to your dog can be THE most game-changing way to improving your life together! 

OK, now I can literally see you raising an eyebrow... READ MORE

Holiday Puppies?

Great gift or dreadful decision? This subject comes up right about this time almost every year! 

We all get swept up in the magic of the twinkly lights and the pressure to just keep ‘one-upping’ ourselves with the gifts for the kids.



Are Puppies *Really* 'Blank Slates'?

I'm sure over the years you've heard people call puppies 'blank slates' ready and waiting for us to mold them into the perfect family dog. 

Hmm... about that... it's just NOT TRUE... READ MORE

Halloween - A REAL Nightmare for Dogs? 

Poor dogs. 

They literally just recovered from the GIANT (man-made-and-scary-as-heck) BOOMS on the 4th of July, and we’re planning the next horror... 



My Dog Just Growled At My Kid.

How did that happen!!!?? You did everything right.

You researched. You bought all the gear. You read tips from the pros… then you brought that adorable little puppy home... READ MORE

Does Your Child Have S.P.S.?

Protect your family from the kid-dog pandemic that's spreading like wildfire!  

There’s a new virus in town, and it’s especially dangerous for kids and dogs.  S.P.S. (Stuffed Puppy Syndrome, as it’s commonly known) is spreading like craaaaazy.  But don’t panic!... READ MORE


Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?

Although you may have bought your kids 614 stuffed animals, a Chinese Dwarf hamster and even promised a kitten, these substitutes just aren't cutting it.  YOUR KIDS WANT A DOG!... READ MORE

Your Recipe for Surviving Thanksgiving 

(or any other big family holiday get together)

Since this holiday is ALL about the FOOD, here’s how to use your dog’s OWN meals to help you enjoy the day without losing your mind.  READ MORE

5 Ways You May Be Putting Your Kids in Danger Around Your Dog

Could this be you?  Chances are, yes! … and NOT because you’re a bad parent, but because sadly, dogs are SO OFTEN misunderstood... READ MORE

How The 'Dog Safety Expert' Got Bitten!   

As a dog trainer, who specializes in teaching bite prevention to kids, the irony wasn't lost on me when I was bitten by a dog.

When I told them, my friends and family asked how it could have happened to me?... READ MORE