Perfection. It Ruins EVERYTHING.



I’ve been thinking a LOT about perfection recently.

We are bombarded (on a daily basis!) with pictures, videos, and ads about how to be ‘perfect’ at ABSOLUTELY E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. - from our face and body, to our homes and holidays, our partners and kids, and now, even our dogs. 

Somehow we’re duped into the idea that if we only buy or do _______ we too, can be ‘the perfect parent’, with the perfect life and family.

What a BIG fat fib.

When you give it even an iota of thought, perfection is clearly IMpossible.

But, working your butt off and spending a bunch of cash to get to a place that you can NEVER reach isn’t even the worst part. The tragic piece is that we’ve become SO conditioned to see ‘perfect’ that when ‘normal’ happens, we think we’re BROKEN.

BROKEN because we have stubbly legs (who shaves EVERY day!!?) or BROKEN because our kid had an epic meltdown in the grocery store, or BROKEN that our dog growled at another dog.


We are REAL. With real bodies, real feelings, in a real life.

‘Perfection’ is not only the enemy of ‘good,’ it’s also a really harsh (and pointless) lens to judge ourselves, our kids, and our dogs. 

Holding our dogs (or children) to a standard that’s out of their reach isn’t fair to anyone.  Dogs growl. Children have tantrums. Legs grow hair!

So, since the NEW year can always inspire a NEW start…

I’d like to say… PERFECTION – politely, you can get lost!

Instead, let’s all grab a coffee (that’s prob been reheated 5x) and hang out where all the beautiful, REAL people and dogs are.

Living perfectly IMPERFECTLY.

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