Are Puppies *really* Blank Slates?



I'm sure over the years you've heard people call puppies 'blank slates' ready and waiting for us to mold them into the perfect family dog. 

Hmm... about that... it's just NOT TRUE.

At birth, puppies already have a whole set of personal programming: their own unique DNA and the influence of the personalities and experiences of their PARENTS. 

But hey... you already know this!

Were your babies little perfect blank slates when they came into this world?

Of course not!

Your little one(s) had a sense of self the very second they entered this world. Maybe they were they born with a streak of SERIOUS determination or a sensitive soul that FEELS everything deeeeply - either way the ingredients for the cookie had already been chosen.

➡️ Your puppy is exactly THE SAME ⬅️

Both nature AND nurture work hand in hand.

All that DNA + their personal physical and social experiences, learning, diet, and environment that will also influence who they become. 

But here's the issue...

☢️ The blank slate myth can be DANGEROUS when it comes to both kids and puppies. Because if struggles arise, it immediately leads us to blame ourselves... and we know as parents we're always ready with the 'BEAT-YOURSELF-UP STICK' and ALL THE GUILT 🙄

So, if your pup is highly sensitive, shy, reactive or nervous, it's NOT always a result of YOU doing something WRONG!

Taking into account what the dog was already working with (before they met you) will make it feel more like a PARTNERSHIP rather than a 'POTTER & CLAY' relationship!!

The goal is to parent and support them - and to make it easier for them to thrive in our human world... rather than setting out to change who they are, because... 

<Spoiler Alert> Not only is that basically impossible - but everyone ends up feeling pretty crappy in the process!

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