Holiday Puppies?


Great Gift or Dreadful Decision?


This subject comes up right about this time almost every year! 

We all get swept up in the magic of the twinkly lights and the pressure to just keep ‘one-upping’ ourselves with the gifts for the kids.  Invariably, if you have a dog-loving littl’un, someone’s going to have a puppy on their wishlist! 

I know I did. 

EVERY YEAR, since I was 4!!

But here’s the thing.  The timing is WAY more important than the holiday, if you're seriously considering adding a dog to your family. No matter the month or day, it all hinges on ONE question:


👉🏼 Have you done the work? 👈🏼


And by that I mean, as the decision-makers in the household, have you:


Adding a dog to your family not something to step into lightly - in fact, it's quite the opposite. Think 'having another baby' level - your life will forever change.  And realizing that maybe you weren't ready, after your kids have fallen deeply in love, can be devastating for both them and the dog. 


✅ 2. DONE the research into the RIGHT FIT for your fam?

It’s essentially like a marriage - you could have 16yrs together... so pick wisely!  Dogs' needs, personalities and ideal homes vary beyond belief! From energizer bunnies to couch potatoes, and the shy wallflowers to the gregarious social butterflies, homing in on the BEST fit for your fam is key! 

THIS BOOK is an amazing (unbiased) resource to get the full scoop.


You'll need to PREP YOUR MIND, HOME & KIDS  for the arrival of your new fluffy lil' family member. Getting a bunch of the information under your belt beforehand will ensure you're ready to rock the second that those little paws take their first steps in your home -  because when they arrive, thing’s gonna get busy! 


In other words…. 

a) do you REALLY KNOW what you’re getting into, and
b) are you TRULY READY?


Another life is in your hands.


Just like having another baby, this pup will be dependent on you to care for them, love them, and patiently teach them the ropes (even though a TON of what they will NATURALLY do *may/probably will* make you pull your hair out, at times!) and not just for the first 2 months… My pup is 14mths old and we are STILL very much in the ‘learning the ropes’ mode… <The teen version> - different - but still work! 

Also, it needs to be said that...


👉🏼 Raising a puppy is NOT a job for kids 👈🏼


✅ YES they can help.

✅ YES they can be besties.

✅ YES, they can play a massive role in the pup's upbringing.

But this ship needs to be steered by a grown up.  

⚠️ So, getting a dog as a gift for the kids - especially if you're not into the idea - could backfire quickly.  They might be totally loved up for the first week (or day!) and then swiftly move on to something more interesting... and not so nippy. 

Dogs are magic.  

IMHO they bring a level of joy to a family that is pretty much unparalleled - but we’ve got to be HONEST about the commitment level - we’re not talking fish, guinea pigs.. or even cats, here.  

So, have a plan.

For the magic to really shine, you can't afford to leave it to chance. Because just 'winging it' can mean lots more time, money, energy and sometimes heartache fixing what you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Our PRE-PUPPY PROGRAM is the best head start a family can give themselves and their dog.


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