Why "Yes" ALWAYS beats "No"



Are you sick to the back teeth of saying "no" to your kids, dog, or both? What if you tried saying "YES" instead.

Sound crazy?

Maybe. But it totally works! Trust me, I'm a doctor dog trainer!

Besides what have you got to lose?

There's simply not enough time in the day to say "no" to every possible naughty scenario your dog and kids can cook up! By saying the word "no", you're actually ONLY asking them to stop doing that ONE thing - NOT the thousands of other (even cheekier!) alternatives they could concoct instead.

So why not cut corners and say "YES" to the ONE thing you do want them to do, instead?

It's more direct. It saves time. And... you're setting the stage for exactly how YOU want things to go.

Here's how it works...









This method is GUARANTEED to work - as long as you make your "YES" more fun than their NO.

So, if your pup's chowing down on the table leg, just know that a (plain 'ol) rope toy as a substitute isn't going to cut it. You've got to up your game - make your dog an offer they can't refuse! Try stuffing a food toy with irresistible meat treats or give them a juicy marrowbone straight from the butcher. It's a win-win for both of you.

To those of you who are thinking "Seriously, isn't it quicker just to tell him NO instead of going to the trouble of buying special bones from the store!!?"

I hear ya!

We, parents, have zero time to be doing "extra" stuff.

But this isn't "extra".

This type of prep is a MASSIVE time (and sanity) saver. When you can say "yes" and tell your dog (or kids) what you want them to do, not only are you getting good behavior in the moment, but you're creating a pattern for GREAT behavior in the future.

No bones about it. ­čśť

(Sorry - couldn't help myself!)


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