3 Steps to become BFFs for Life


When we think of kids and dogs, people often think *BOOM* harmony is born.
I mean, they are like PB&J (or cheese and pickle - if you're British!). Peas in a pod, growing up together and exploring life's crazy adventures. BUT, all that rainbows and unicorns stuff doesn't always come naturally.

It often needs some coaching.

Luckily kids and dogs are quick learners and with some clear direction and encouragement from you, they can build a ROCKSTAR relationship.

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Take me to the plan!


1. Being Respectful

RESPECT is THE most essential FOUNDATION skill that you can teach your children. It's hands down the key to any great relationship: human, canine, or both!

We know just how safe and 'seen" we feel when people respect our preferences and boundaries - and dogs are no different. While we automatically teach our dogs to respect our stuff: our furniture, our plants, our dinner, our shoes...

It's crucial to teach our kids to respect our dog's body, feelings, space, and stuff, too!


2. Being Kind + Gentle

There's nothing better than watching the wonder of young kids exploring the world. Sometimes they're slowly and delicately inspecting the wings of an unusual bug, other times they can look more like an out-of-control tornado, flying around the house, seeing how high they can launch their new dinosaur.

So, it wouldn't be surprising if your dog wondered exactly which version of all of that 'wonder' was coming at them on a daily basis.

Whether grabbing, picking up, or just hopping over your dog, as they sleep, a kid's enthusiasm can accidentally get misdirected toward your pup in a way that can hurt or scare - and that jeopardizes the trust that you want to build.

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3. Playing Together

(Fun-for-everyone games)

Finding that activity that your pup absolutely LOVES is a great way to add a huge boost to your kid's relationship with your dog.


Because who's not at their best when they're doing what they dig? If your child is athletic, they're likely to meet their tribe playing sports together. But if they're artistic, they're more likely to shine with a paintbrush in their hand than on a ball field. And when your pup is doing what they love, connections come quickly.

The key is to figure out what really floats their boat. Once you've figured out your dog's fave activity, next it's all about incorporating your child!


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