Live your BEST life

with your family dog.

Hey!  I'm Justine. Certified Professional Dog Trainer of 20yrs, mum of two teens and two dogs - and *fired up* to help you create your best life with your kids and dog.

You're in the right place. 


As a parent, you're doing the toughest (and most important!) job on the planet.

So what happens if you add a dog?  

Well, without the right tools, the journey could look like one big tail-spin.  Instead, simply by tapping into what you *already* know - you can really knock this out of the park. 

There's lots of info on teaching dogs skills, but very little help for parents to understand how to actually LIVE and LOVE living with their dogs and kids together. 

That's where we come in. 

No matter where you are at right now (from overjoyed to overwhelmed!) we're here with a helping hand, a smile, and a game-changing plan to make this ride... 

an EPIC one. 


From picking a puppy

to picking up the pieces... 

we've got you covered.



on a puppy?


If you're considering adding a pup to your family, start here to figure out if you're ready. Then learn how to prep your mind, home... and kids.


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your dog?


Whether you're at the start line, or hitting some bumps along the way, grab the roadmap for living your BEST life with kids and a dog.

It takes just 40mins to learn and lasts a lifetime.


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with kids and a dog?


If you feel trouble brewing and want to get ahead of the issue.  Learn how to keep your kids and dog safe around each other.


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