Give the gift of: 

  • clarity
  • connection
  • understanding
  • and confidence

 ... to a family & their dog.

1:  You're LOVELY.


What a great friend (and quality human!) you are - to be helping a family live their best life with their dog. The Dial Method has the power to truly change the way that parents, kids and dogs live together - and you are about to fire up that magic with your upcoming clicks! 



2: You get to choose:


Which do you think will be the best fit?  You have 2 choices and it all depends whether you're gifting to 'readers' or 'bingers'.  You can either pick the physical book & workbook, OR... the video and e-workbook. 

The Books


The Dial Method BOOK has all the concepts, and the WORKBOOK makes it all come to life - by customizing and creating a family plan. (*Best when bought together)

Book: $19.99     Workbook: $24.99


The Video Program

(+ e-workbook)

The video program has the same content as the BOOK (the concepts) and the WORKBOOK brings it all to life - customize and create a family plan!

Video program (including the e-workbook): $49.99