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The Dial Method™ is the FASTEST, SIMPLEST WAY  for families to get the crucial dog behavior info they desperately need. And now it's SHAREABLE!

Now you can help the parents, kids and dogs in your world create their best life together in UNDER 40mins. 

You can earn commission for yourself, your business, or non-profit, simply by spreading the word to families in your circle

Join TEAM TFD (our referral program) and start helping and earning immediately.

It's simple to set up, easy to earn, and ZERO cost or commitment. 

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Simply shout out to ALL the families you know, work with, or meet, that they don't have to settle for GENERIC dog training.  Instead, they can have something tailored JUST for them! 

THE DIAL METHOD™ is THE most fun way (think totally relatable 40min cartoon) to help busy families live their best life with their family dog.  But it's not just entertaining! It's the best of the best in dog behavior science, distilled into something parents (and kids!) will actually WANT to WATCH!

And since it's custom-made for families, it shows them how to tap into what they already know. Not to just cope, but to LOVE living with their dog...

and the more you share, the more you earn - for yourself or your charity of choice.

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