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Whether you're a dog trainer or a pet professional now you can give your clients THE #1 head start in raising their dog: The RIGHT mindset. 

Become a 'Dial Guide' and learn our simple system to help families navigate life with their pup.  Get your family clients up to speed with what the pros know in just 40 minutes with The Dial Method™.

7 CEUS CCPDT, KPA, and PPAB (IAABC pending)

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What's included

*SUPERCHARGE* your family dog training

Where to start?


Do you ever feel like there's SO much to teach parents, kids and the dog... that you find yourself in a tailspin?

With ALL the moving parts of family life (not to mention ALL the needs and personalities!) it can feel impossible to equip them with everything they need to know, when raising kids and a dog together.


Let 'The Dial Method' 

do the hard work for you.


The Dial Method™ gives you a super simple system that swiftly gets your families on the same page, equipped with shared language, and a fluid framework you can ALL follow.  With a fun family spin, you’ll use the 'Dog Gogs', the 'Dial Devil', and your nifty cheat sheet, to get everyone on the same wavelength at whirlwind speed.

 'Dial Guides' come in MANY forms...

from TRAINERS aiming to maximize their impact when teaching family dog training sessions to PET PROFESSIONALS who only want to recommend the highest quality products to their clients. 

Become a 'Dial Guide' and you can take a *good look* under the hood and see what The Dial Method™ is all about - and start sharing or incorporating it in your training! 

Become an 'official' Dial Guide and you will be listed in our Guide Directory, and you'll have TWO routes you can follow:


What's your style?

"Hands ON"  

Love working with families & kids)


Be 'The Guide'

Incorporate the Dial into your training sessions - teaching both the parents and kids how to live their best life with their family dog.

"Hands OFF"  

Don't (or don't love) working with families & kids 


Be 'The Messenger'

Simply introduce your clients to the Dial and let it do the groundwork for you - earning a commission for each family who Dials UP!


Whatever your vibe... 


by adding The Dial Method™ you'll immediately up-level your training, and give YOUR family clients a HUGE advantage.

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So, what is

The Dial Method? 


It's 20 years of dog pro knowledge consolidated into an irresistible video mini-series that families simply can’t afford to miss.

*One 40 minute video...

and after that, it all boils down into

*ONE simple diagram 

 to always have in their back pocket! 

🤩 A system

that ORGANIZES family dog life, making it easier for YOU (to teach) and for FAMILIES (to create and follow a plan).


🤩 A diagnostic tool  

to pinpoint issues in a snap. Simple questions help families locate where to put their focus.


🤩 A cheat sheet

that ALL fits onto ONE SHEET of PAPER!!!  Parents can pop it on the fridge and check in daily.


❌  But it's NOT cookie-cutter training.

There's no 'one-size-fits-all' in great training.  So, The Dial is totally customizable for your clients' unique situation: their dog, their kids, their home, and their life. 


Go from frustrated to > flippin’ smashing it

Instead of grappling with frustration when family quirks attempt to derail your training plans…. 

Become a dial guide and tap into a program that’ll transform how you work with families…. for life.  

All the tricky kid stuff is handled. Leaving you to crack on with what you do best - training the dog and teaching them the super skills they need to nail family dog life. 

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The 'Dial Deep Dive' 


In just two sessions, you’ll uncover everything you need to absolutely ACE working with families - with The Dial Method™ as your nifty side-kick.   You’ll be all set to be your family’s Dial Guide, with a sanity saving system that delivers rapid clarity - and a dial that instantly pinpoints where to focus your attention.


  With The Dial in your pocket, your families can self educate and solve the smaller problems themselves - saving you time, stress and troubleshooting mayhem on the regs. 


This doesn’t replace your training...

it complements it. 


You still have complete autonomy and flexibility to deliver your superpowers to the people (and dogs) that need you…  Only now, you’ve got a shared system that’ll handle all the curveballs and removes all the guesswork.  Yep, you’ll finally work with families who totally get how to share THEIR lives with a dog - in a way that makes sense TO their dog. 

No Sweat.

Get your families on board in just 40 minutes...

without breaking a sweat.  

Whether we like it or not, there will be stuff going on in a family home that impacts how the dog is experiencing the world - both good and not so good!  

We can’t ignore it - but with The Dial Method™ - now you can get all the family/kids piece tied up in a snap... with a nice little bow!

Get on the same page...

before you even start!  


❌ No more trying to concentrate on what to teach first, while surrounded by all those family-life distractions

❌ No more worrying that you've missed vital information - the Dial has you covered! 

❌ No more wasted sessions trying to get (and hold) everyone’s attention, leaving you feeling like you’ve not even made a dent in their training plan


Yep.  The Dial Method™ is a game changer for pros AND busy parents.

We pack ALL the vital stuff they need to know into a 40min video mini-series they can binge.  And with the Dial Deep Dive - you’ll be all set to use this mind-blowing system to your full advantage… you’ll wonder how you ever managed all this before! 


Set everyone up for SUCCESS

from your very first session together.

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✅  Guide your clients to shift their own lens, before setting out to change their dog’s behavior   

✅  Identify strong “hook questions” to help your clients explore their attitude and dog’s profile

✅  Get a family-friendly script that gives you a common language, leaving no room for misinterpretations and sticky misunderstandings 

✅  Transform your client’s mindset so they can let go of negative (but powerful) societal influences that get in the way 

✅  Identify their parenting strengths and teach clients how to turn them into dog training superpowers  

✅  Navigate unique family challenges and develop an action plan that’s doable for everyone 

✅  Discover the magic of  ‘training without training’, and how that helps your families train on autopilot when they’ve got too many plates spinning


By the end of this program you’ll have a set of tools that’ll leave you wondering...

W.H.Y. this didn’t exist before!!??

years of family dog
training experience
chaos and
and cooperation
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What’s included?


This course is delivered through 2 interactive workshops that take a deep dive into the dial - equipping you with the skills, tools and mindset shifts that’ll unlock monumental growth in your family dog training expertise. 

Over two days, you’ll join other dog professionals to dissect and explore all the elements of The Dial Method™ and learn how to put it into practice. 

  • Get to grips with the anatomy of the dial so you can realize the far-reaching benefits with all your clients
  • Fill in the gaps that make family dog training challenging
  • Reveal laser beam insights that work with (not against) your parent’s superpowers
  • Tap into family-friendly language that makes the hard stuff make sense
  • Reboot your families mindsets so you win their complete buy-in to your training plan. 

  •  Identify strong “hook questions” that help your families explore challenges and acquire unrivaled understanding of their dog

  •  Pair science with fun so parents can make sense of their dog’s evolutionary needs and unique profile

  •  Attain next level collaboration with parents and unlock a personalized action plan you can customize on auto-pilot


  • Combat the leading causes of dog bites and safeguard your families with easy to remember game plans

  • Clarify with parents exactly what they should be teaching their kids and demystify it once and for all

  •  Relieve your families with kid-friendly rule and boundary approaches that are easy to follow

  •  Equip parents with simple routines and patterns that take management to the next level 


  • Highlight the skills that each individual dog needs to learn most, in a snap

  •  Set your families up for an on/off training plan that’s practical and actionable for busy parents

  •  Discover simple solutions that resolve the most common family dog training struggles and concerns

  •  Learn how to integrate The Dial Method smoothly into your family dog training plans - so that it works on repeat

Who am I?


Hi! I’m Justine.

A CPDT–KA certified, Licensed Family Dog Mediator, power-tool lovin', dog-mad Brit. 

I've been training dogs for 20 years now - but once I had my own kids, I realized just how much was missing for families when it comes to dog training. 

Since 2009, I’ve been on a mission to pull together the missing pieces for families,  laser–focusing on developing the most effective, efficient, and truly family-friendly training techniques.

I'm pretty determined to help pros, families and dogs to live their very best lives - and crucially, to make things EASIER… You’re all juggling enough already! 

The Dial Guide has been a long time in the making - but I know it’s going to transform the way you work with families and dogs forever.


The Dial Method is a combo of my hands-on dog training experience, merged with a ton of real life dog and kid parenting mayhem, plus some TV sparkle on top. 

In just 40 minutes,  your families can shortcut their way to the most important skills they simply can’t afford to skip . And you, well you’ll be dialed up and ready to be their guide. 


DIAL into a whole NEW way of family dog training...


7hrs of professional training for just $400

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