Dog Trainers


I'm so glad you're here... 

because families really need our help!

As a dog trainer, it's likely that you fall into one of two categories: 

> Hands ON:

     I LOVE working with kids and families

> Hands OFF:

     Working with families is not my cup of tea... but I KNOW they need help. 


No matter which camp you find yourself, we've got lots of ways for you to make a MASSIVE difference for dogs and their people!  

Whether you're "HANDS ON or OFF" - you can get the essentials to busy (and often overwhelmed!) parents and kids who need it.   

Here are 4 ways that we can help YOU - to help parents, kids, and dogs.

Our Signature Program:

7hr workshop (over 2 days)

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'Become a Dial Guide' Workshop 

Give your clients THE #1 head start in raising their dog: 

The RIGHT mindset.

This workshop¬†will take you on¬†a deep dive into¬†The Dial Method‚ĄĘ,¬†our simple (and 100% customizable) system for families to optimize success with their dog.

*Perfect for Trainers, Vets, Shelter/Rescue Managers, and Breeders.

 More Pro Programs:


(or weekly classes)    for kids & dogs

Why spend months creating a kid-dog camp or class curriculum... when EVERYTHING has been done for you?


For Elementary & Preschools 

Create a better future for dogs by teaching the pillars of dog safety to the children in your area - through music videos! 


Join our referral program Team TFD

Want to share great info with the parents and kids in your community - and get paid? Click here.

We pay YOU!

Have questions?

No worries.  Deciding can be tricky.

Feel free to email us at¬†[email protected]¬†and¬†set up a call to discuss the PERFECT program for you!¬†

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Allergic to kids...

but know they need help?

Refer our program and get paid!  

Teaching busy families¬†may not be everyone‚Äôs cup of tea ‚Äď but we¬†trainers instinctively know that¬†training¬†ONLY the¬†dog just doesn‚Äôt cut it ‚Ästfamilies need MORE.¬†¬†The best way to help family dogs is to help¬†parents and kids get the information they desperately need, so they can truly understand their dogs and knock their role in the relationship out of the park.¬†

The Dial Method can do just that - in under 40mins!  It's the busy parent's shortcut to raising a family dog right. 

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 Join our referral program 


and you will get:

✅ A Discount on The Dial Method to offer families.

✅ Commission without doing a single appointment!

It‚Äôs a no-brainer.¬†Everyone wins.¬† Parents. Kids. Dogs ‚Äď AND YOU.

*It's FREE and you can cancel at any time.

Still wondering if Team TFD is a good fit for you?  Here are... 

4 more great reasons

for EVERY trainer to join!


‚Źį¬† 1. Time:¬†

Your time is LIMITED - and can’t always work with EVERY family you meet, but you do want families to get the help they need.

ūüöė¬† 2. Distance:¬†

You'd like to work with a family, but they're too far away.

ūüí°¬† 3. Good Biz Sense:¬†

You want to offer THE best experience to your clients. How do you maximize the time you have together?  Give them the head start so they can get a jump on training before you even meet. 

ūüôĆūüŹľ¬† 4. Relationship:¬†

You want to create a relationship with a local network for referrals - you could offer them this discount!

And we make it SUPER easy to get the word out, by giving you a TON of content to share: SM posts, emails, banners.. just copy, paste, and ka-ching!

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