Dog Trainers


I'm so glad you're here... 

because families really need our help!

As a dog trainer, it's likely that you fall into one of two categories: 

Hands ON:

     I LOVE working with kids and families

Hands OFF:

     Working with families is not my cup of tea... but I KNOW they need help. 


No matter which camp you find yourself, we've got lots of ways for you to make a MASSIVE difference for dogs and their people!  

Whether you're "HANDS ON or OFF" - you can get the essentials to busy (and often overwhelmed!) parents and kids who need it.   

Here are 4 ways that we can help YOU - to help parents, kids, and dogs.

Our Signature Program:

7hr workshop (over 2 days)

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'Become a Dial Guide' Workshop 

Give your clients THE #1 head start in raising their dog: 

The RIGHT mindset.

This workshop will take you on a deep dive into The Dial Method™our simple (and 100% customizable) system for families to optimize success with their dog.

*Perfect for Trainers, Vets, Shelter/Rescue Managers, and Breeders.

 More Pro Programs:


(or weekly classes)    for kids & dogs

Why spend months creating a kid-dog camp or class curriculum... when EVERYTHING has been done for you?


For Elementary & Preschools 

Create a better future for dogs by teaching the pillars of dog safety to the children in your area - through music videos! 


Join our referral program Team TFD

Want to share great info with the parents and kids in your community - and get paid? Click here.

We pay YOU!

Have questions?

No worries.  Deciding can be tricky.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] and set up a call to discuss the PERFECT program for you! 

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Allergic to kids...

but know they need help?

Refer our program and get paid!  

Teaching busy families may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but we trainers instinctively know that training ONLY the dog just doesn’t cut it – families need MORE.  The best way to help family dogs is to help parents and kids get the information they desperately need, so they can truly understand their dogs and knock their role in the relationship out of the park. 

The Dial Method can do just that - in under 40mins!  It's the busy parent's shortcut to raising a family dog right. 

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 Join our referral program 


and you will get:

✅ A Discount on The Dial Method to offer families.

✅ Commission without doing a single appointment!

It’s a no-brainer. Everyone wins.  Parents. Kids. Dogs – AND YOU.

*It's FREE and you can cancel at any time.

Still wondering if Team TFD is a good fit for you?  Here are... 

4 more great reasons

for EVERY trainer to join!


⏰  1. Time: 

Your time is LIMITED - and can’t always work with EVERY family you meet, but you do want families to get the help they need.

🚘  2. Distance: 

You'd like to work with a family, but they're too far away.

💡  3. Good Biz Sense: 

You want to offer THE best experience to your clients. How do you maximize the time you have together?  Give them the head start so they can get a jump on training before you even meet. 

🙌🏼  4. Relationship: 

You want to create a relationship with a local network for referrals - you could offer them this discount!

And we make it SUPER easy to get the word out, by giving you a TON of content to share: SM posts, emails, banners.. just copy, paste, and ka-ching!

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