Need help...

helping families? 

Whether you're a dog trainer, rescue, breeder, walker, vet, groomer OR anyone who works with dogs, I am SO happy you're here.  

I'm Justine and have A TON to share with YOU.

 I've been a trainer for 20yrs, but when my kids came along it only took me a hot second to figure out that...

teaching dogs with kids in tow 

was TOTALLY different

to doing it kid-free! 

And group training classes simply can't touch the sides in dealing with what's going on in a busy family home!  Parents desperately need a different kind of help.  It needs to be fun, fast, easy... and effective - because parents are short on  time and energy, but have more personalities to manage. 

 How we can help you...

help families! 

Private Trainer or Dog Training School owner? 

Check out our turn-key programs both for working with families in home, and camp/class curriculums JUST for kids & dogs!

Our programs
Vet, Rescue, Breeder, Dog Walker, or  Groomer...

or ANYONE who works with dogs!  Help families get the specific family support they need - and get paid for sharing.

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We've made it easy


As a pro, it's one thing to work with families and kids - but it's a total TIME SUCK to CREATE the lessons plans!  So...

We've done the work,
so that you don't have to.

We have turn-key programs, for everything... from in-home training programs to kid-dog summer camps, dog safety presentations to educational videos to share - take your pick.