Ready. Set. Pup.

Learn the most important lessons BEFORE your pup even arrives!

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Get ahead of the game



Adding a new dog is a BIG step - so here's to you. The fact that you're reading this, means you're all over it - planning already!!!  I love a go-getter.

Having a game plan not only feels good - but it's the BEST gift you can give to your family AND your new pup.  The key to a smooth ride is to prep your mind, house, and children BEFORE that cute little floofy joins your family.

Do the prep and you reduce the problems.  No big problems and you have nothing to fix!

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✔️ Choosing the right dog

Before you even think about 'training', you can make life so much easier and more enjoyable... simply by picking the perfect pup (try saying that 3 times fast!) You'll get a list of questions to ask a breeder or rescue and pro tips on what to look for in a pup.


✔️ Prep your MIND

It's all about the mental game! 

You can avoid the overwhelm and feel like you're 100% in the driver's seat SIMPLY by setting realistic expectations and having a plan BEFORE your adorable little ball of magic arrives.


✔️ Prep your HOUSE

Find out the secret formula for keeping your puppy from chewing up your house and ruining your carpets! 


✔️ Prep your KIDS

One of the biggest selling points for getting a family dog is to see them bond with your kids.

Find out the BEST ways to create the magic and how to avoid the mistakes, lots kids (naturally!) make, that can mess it up.


✔️ What to BUY

The shelves of pet superstores are over-flowing with goodies - but how to decide?  Discover the game-changing items that will make your life SO MUCH easier - and avoid the gimmicks that are just a waste of money!


US $39 


"As a veterinarian, I see so many families with children that don’t anticipate the challenges of adding a dog to their home. Without knowing how to properly and safely involve the children in training the dog, the bond between the family and the dog can suffer. This program is a fun and accessible way for busy families to include the kids in the training of their dogs."