Are your kids and dog safe...

(from each other?)


It’s hard to believe that 

77% of dog bites come from a family or friend’s dog.


That means that these aren’t crazy, stray, vicious dogs - they are OUR pet dogs!

While this is a really sad statistic, it does mean that WE can do something to CHANGE IT.

Contrary to popular belief, bites RARELY happen out of the blue ‚ÄĒ and your kids‚Äô actions can play a HUGE role in how safe they are around the dogs they love and live with. All too often, it's simply miscommunication.¬† We expect dogs to read our likes and dislikes ‚ÄĒ but often have no idea how to read theirs.

Success is ALL about education ‚ÄĒ so¬†are you ready for a FUN way for the whole family to learn!?

How safe is your family?

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The 3 steps to STAYING SAFE:

1.  Learn to speak 'dog'

 Although lots of dogs are amazing at dealing with the crazy stuff a family can throw their way - they still may need your help.  Kids can sometimes be scary to dogs because… they’re KIDS!  By nature, they’re just more unpredictable, uncoordinated, and way more likely to get in a dog’s face than most adults.  So, to keep everyone SAFE, it's OUR (as parents) to watch and listen closely.

Dogs use their eyes, ears, mouth, tail and whole bodies to show you how they’re feeling.

If they're uncomfortable, like us, they'll usually start with the subtle signs (the whispers) but - if ignored, they may turn into a growl, snap or bite (the shouts).


Respond to the 'whispers'...  

so that they don't have to SHOUT!


When you protect your DOG...

you're protecting your KIDS


Now that you know the signs, watch your dog carefully. The goal is to ensure that your dog ALWAYS feels safe around your kids, but at the first sign that they‚Äôre not ‚ÄĒ give your dog a break!

If your child is doing something that is stressing your dog, be sure to move them, far enough away, so that your pup can relax again. After all, if no one is there to protect your dog, they‚Äôre left with no choice but to protect themselves ‚ÄĒ and no one wants that!


 Your dog needs YOU!


Knowing what a dog looks like when they‚Äôre uncomfortable is one thing, it‚Äôs another NOT to feel embarrassed by your dog‚Äôs bark, growl or show of teeth ‚ÄĒ and to want to make it go away.¬† BUT know¬†that grumble is your dog desperately trying to AVOID a confrontation.¬† So, thank them for communicating their issue instead of lashing out ‚ÄĒ and help them by creating some space!


Get the blueprint

2.  Respect your dog

But it's not only reading your dog, Aretha got it right... 

all the best relationships are all based on R.E.S.P.E.C.T!  

Check out the poster below to find out the 4 types of RESPECT that will help your kids become your dog's true bestie. Learn specifically what to teach your kids, and SO much more in The Dial Method program

What is The Dial Method?

3.  Pet dogs the right way


"HELLO humans, dogs here"¬†¬†ūüźĺ


Sorry! We've hijacked this page for a moment to share a VERY important message...

Firstly, we want to thank you for teaching your kids, BEFORE they pet us, to ask a parent, then ask our 'people' if it's ok, but a crucial piece is missing!!!... 


We would like you to ask US, too!! 


We're thinking, feeling beings - with opinions and good and bad days - just like you!

*Some of us LOVE being around kids - some of us, not so much.*

*Sometimes we're in the mood, sometimes we're not.*

*Sometimes we like it for a bit, then have had enough.*


So, we made this poster (with the help of human - so tricky without the thumbs!) to show you how to PAT PET PAUSE.  It's simple, easy to remember, and guarantees that EVERYONE will be enjoying it.

Thanks so much for reading, you're the bomb!

Dogs. xo

P.S. Check out The Dial Method - it's what each one of us would love our families to know.

Why dogs love the Dial Method

Has your dog growled

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Growling is a very natural way for dogs to communicate how they're feeling. So, a growl ISN'T a bad thing - in fact, it a great way to spot an issue.  If you're concerned that trouble is brewing - you don't have to struggle alone. Check out our CODE RED program.  It has clear and simple direction on how to avoid danger + create a safe and happy home for your kids and dog.

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