Pick the Dial for YOU.


Since we all learn differently, we have 3 different ways for you to get DIALED UP!  

Whether you like to watch, read, or could use some EXTRA HELP - choose the option that works best for you. 

The Old School


⭐️ The Book 
⭐️ The Workbook

Take what you learned & create your plan. 

*Love to read?...or just need to hold it in your hand? These are for you.   

Same content... just on paper.  And for the BEST results, be sure to grab the WORKBOOK, too.   


$19.99   |   $24.99
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The Binge Fest



⭐️ The Video program
⭐️ E-workbook

       ($25 value) Create your plan.


*Visual learner? This is for you. 

In just 40mins, you'll be entertained while getting the VITAL info you need to know to take life with your family dog to a WHOLE other level.



The Whole Shebang


⭐️ Video program  
⭐️ E-workbook

        ($25 value) 

⭐️ Club access


*Don't want to go it alone?  This is for you. 

Have it ALL.

The 40 minute video package PLUS access to our new DIAL HIGH CLUB!  Have your questions answered and your hand held by a pro for as long as you need. 


$49.99 + $10/mth