Train smarter.

Not harder.

Unlock the easy way to raise your family dog right.

From picking up your puppy to picking up the pieces, The Dial Method™ prepares you for every step of the journey in just 40 minutes, and for less than $50.


Parents get it rough.


There are more balls to juggle, more bodies to teach, and a WHOLE lot less time to do it all in.  

But parenting is *the* most important job on the planet - so it's all about getting it right... fast! 

*AND… with all the dodgy information on the internet, it’s easy to accidentally create more problems than you’re fixing. 

And you definitely don’t need anything else on your to-do list!

What if you could...


⭐️  Skip hours of training and focus only on the bits that matter

⭐️  Instinctively know how to keep your dog and kids safe

⭐️  Squash the stress of trying to juggle everything 

⭐️  Help your kids and dog become the very best of friends

DIAL into a whole NEW way

of family dog life.


😵‍💫 Books take time (that parents don't have) to read.

🫠 Courses take motivation (that's in short supply) to finish.

🤩 But... 40min of TV? Now you're talking!

Yep.  The Dial Method™ is a game changer for busy parents that packs ALL the vital stuff that the pros know into a binge-worthy video mini-series. 

Get the GOLD in under 40mins
YES, it’s an educational program... 
but it won’t feel like one.


Tap into your inner child and have some serious FUN while you learn. 

Invest just 40 minutes, and you’ll be set to simply check the dial whenever you get in a tailspin or need some help.  It’s rooted in science yet made super simple, so you can soak up everything  you need to raise your family dog right. 

With The Dial Method at your fingertips, you’ll finally know exactly what to do to stop 💩 hitting the fan.   

And you’ll feel pretty darn good about it. 

The easy way to raise

your family dog right.

*It’s designed especially for parents like you.  

  • Parents who care. 
  • Parents who so want to get this right. 
  • Parents who need to fix problems…. fast. 


Save time.  And your sanity.

to understand

to implement they can learn too!

There are SO many parallels

between kids and dogs. 


Which is great news, because it means you’ve already got all the super skills you need!  


  • 💪🏽  Master planners (of life)
  • 💪🏽  Chief negotiators (of moods) 
  • 💪🏽  Relentless picker-uppers (of, well... basically everything).   

And The Dial Method shows you how to... 

MAX your parenting superpowers 

and translate them to family dog life.  

*You'll wonder why no one's ever told you this stuff before! *

Simply by tweaking what you know - you can totally crush it at keeping everyone happy, safe, and on the same page. 

the knowledge

4 x 10 minute videos that are so easy to understand, the kids will learn too.


Power up your relationships  - it's where the magic lies in helping everyone live together happily.

the hard work

Laser focus on the stuff that matters and reduce the technical dog training.  

My goal is to make family life with your dog...

fun, simple, and really intuitive. 


After learning the principles of The Dial Method, you'll only need a quick glance at the dial, to immediately see where to focus your attention….. 

Scrapping the need to re-read a whole chapter, have your trainer on speed dial, or go off down yet another Google rabbithole! 


Take the pressure off...
and save some cashola!

Who even am I?


Hi! I’m Justine.

Before becoming a dog trainer, I was a TV Producer for Nickelodeon and MTV. 

That career was a lot of fun.  It was also the perfect 'pre-game' for taking (super geeky) dog behavior science and distilling it into something you would actually WANT to watch! 

I've worked with dogs for over 20 years, and EXCLUSIVELY with families since 2009. The Dial Method is a combo of my hands-on dog training experience, merged with a ton of real life dog and kid parenting mayhem, plus some TV sparkle on top.

THE DIAL is the guide I wish I'd had... 

when my kids were young, but there's never been a way for parents to 'fast track' the essential skills they can’t afford to skip.


What happens next?


Imagine strutting into a whole new world, where you totally understand your dog and they understand you.  

⭐️ You feel PROUD. 

⭐️ You and your dog are a TEAM. 

⭐️ And you feel CONFIDENT  - without you having to ‘be the alpha’, line every pocket with treats, or study to be a professional dog trainer!

⭐️ There are NO APOLOGIES or excuses when friends or family come over. And no panic stations at the park. 

and maybe the greatest gift...

⭐️  your kids and dog know how to be the very BEST OF FRIENDS, without getting into any hairy territory. <<<< this alone is worth the price of entry!

This is YOUR life with The Dial Method.
Grab it with BOTH hands  🙌🏼 

and give chaos (and uncertainty) the elbow.


YES, please!

Want to dip your toe in

(while you decide)?

to living with kids and dogs.