Take The Dial Method‚ĄĘ

...to the next level!

Want to live your BEST life with your family dog? 

Been exploring The Dial Method‚ĄĘ but could use some extra support? If you're nodding along, we've got¬†great news for you!

**You don't have to do this alone.**

The DIAL HIGH Club is here to be your helping hand, your 'pro on speed dial' on this exciting journey.  So, if you want someone in your corner, answering your questions and sharing some VERY nifty tips and tricks along the way  - this is for you.


What is The DIAL HIGH Club?

It's your exclusive access to tailor-made, family-style HELP that caters to your specific needs.  By becoming a member, you'll join a  community parents in the same boat. We'll be here to give expert guidance,  support you through tricky spots, and celebrate your wins.


'The DIAL HIGH' Club?

What if...

 you could:

‚≠źÔłŹ¬† Feel what it's like¬†to have a pro and like-minded parents by your side.

‚≠źÔłŹ¬† Get accountability coaching¬†to help you make the MOST of The Dial Method‚ĄĘ

DIAL up your experience of family dog life.


  1. Personalized Assistance: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions. Our experts will work with you to tailor The Dial Method to your family's unique dynamics and your dog's individual needs.
  2. Community Connection: Connect with parents who share your passion and challenges. Swap stories, share advice, and build meaningful relationships in our supportive community.
  3. Pro Advice: Gain insights and strategies from seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of family dog training. You'll have access to expert guidance whenever you need it.
  4. Celebrate Progress: We're not just here for the tough moments; we're here to cheer for your victories, big and small. Celebrate the milestones you achieve with your family and your beloved pup.