How Safe Is Your Family?
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  • If you saw your kids using your dog as a pillow, what would you think?

    Time to remind them again

    — it’s not a good idea.

    Kinda cute.

    Argh! What am I

    making for dinner?

  • Do your kids ever pick up your dog?


    ALL the time.


    I’m the one that picks up the dog.


    (if I have my hands full)


    (when I’m not looking!)

  • Are your kids allowed around your dog

    when he’s eating?

    I don’t care — as long as

    they’re not eating dog food!

    It’s OK when I’m watching.
    They help make his dinner, but then they have to leave so he can eat in peace.
    Absolutely! My dog needs to know

    the kids are alpha.

  • If your kids want your dog to do something that he doesn’t want to, what do you do?
    Step in and give them something fun to do that they’ll both love.
    Encourage the kids not to give in — the dog has to listen.
    Let them work it out

    between them.

    Grab a quick coffee while everyone’s

    out of my hair!

  • Do your kids hug and kiss your dog?
    Not often — but more than they

    hug & kiss me ☹


    They’re CONSTANTLY smooching!

    Only for family pictures.
    No, because then they may automatically hug all dogs — and not every dog likes it.
  • Riding dogs is…
    Something that wouldn’t fly

    in my house.

    SOOO cute

    — and cheaper than a pony!

    Apparently ok when

    Granny’s in charge.

    Fine — if the dog is big enough.
  • Do your kids dress up your dog?
    Only on Halloween.

    Totally! My family loves to see

    all the pictures on Facebook.

    Not without me.

    I like to make sure my pup’s happy!

    Dress up the dog? The kids can barely get clothes on themselves!
  • Kids and dogs playing together is…
    What I got the dog for! They’re keeping each other entertained.
    Awesome — if they’re

    playing the right games.

    Trouble waiting to happen — the dog will think they’re littermates!

    OK… I guess?

    Is this a trick question?

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