Hi, I'm Justine!

After having my own 2 kids with 2 (and at one time, 3!) dogs of my own, I realized JUST how tough it is to raise a family dog (...and I'm a dog trainer!)


After messing up a LOT, I figured out the formula on how to MAX the fun AND the results, at the very SAME time and I'd love to share what I've learned, to make your sessions with parents, kids, and their dog a HUGE success! Since then, I've worked exclusively with families for over 12 years, helping them live their best life with their dog. 


The honest truth?  JUST training the DOG is NOT enough


The real magic happens when EVERYONE is on the same page, and clear on what they need to do.  EACH family member is an important piece of the puzzle.  So, click below to get my FREE booklet and ADD the ESSENTIAL FAMILY SKILLS to YOUR dog training toolbox!


Justine xo


Justine Schuurmans CPDT-KA

OWNER | FOUNDER | TRAINER | thefamilydog.com

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