Just got a dog, or thinking of taking the plunge? You WON'T want to miss the Victoria Stilwell's take on the ESSENTIALS for raising a puppy in a busy family home. From hosting and appearing on many TV shows, to running her own academy for dog trainers, Victoria shares her professional (and personal) experience - from the highs to the lows - and everything in between! It's a MUST listen to anyone getting a new dog. Victoria's wonderful book: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Puppy: HER BOOK! Victoria's website, The VS Academy for more information on finding a trainer, or becoming a trainer, check out: https://positively.com/dog-training/ And as usual, all my FAMILY-SPECIFIC videos, posters, blogs & TONS of resources for families to learn what to teach their kids/dog, The Family Dog: thefamilydog.com