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We are always SO impressed by the passion of our fellow dog trainers and educators! Whether you’re teaching, blogging, researching, or sharing important info online, you’re there on the front lines — trying to make dogs’ lives better.

We have something especially FOR YOU to make it easier to spread the word with YOUR FAMILY CLIENTS. Dog training classes are GREAT for teaching dogs — but there’s a HUGE hole in specialized education for families. Whether it’s private in–home coaching or dog safety classes — parents and kids are in desperate need of training that’s tailored directly to them. Our programs are all upbeat, simple enough for everyone to master, and teach the practical skills that the whole family (dog included!) needs to succeed in their everyday life. At the core of everything we teach is helping parents and kids understand how they can do to best play their part in the relationship — to ensure that all the pressure doesn’t fall on their dog!

Super fun. Crazy effective. Always positive.

Private Training Program

A 6–week training plan with EVERYTHING you need to teach The WHOLE family to be successful with their new dog. This program is BIG and gives you EVERY. SINGLE. THING. you could possibly need to make working with families fun, easy and INSANELY EFFECTIVE. It’s the FULL package including: marketing tools, a FULL 6 week curriculum, handouts, tips, videos and even the homework emails you’ll send your clients — ALREADY DONE FOR YOU!

Dog Safety Program
Elementary Schools

Take your expertise into schools and help grow a whole new generation of children who truly understand dogs. It’s pure info–tainment for kids and teaches kids how to keep themselves and the dogs they know SAFE and HAPPY! — packed with games, songs and 4 music videos.

Dog Safety Program

Be a part of shaping how kids act around dogs right from the start. I SPEAK DOGGIE is a super fun video–based presentation that teaches kids how to keep themselves and the dogs they know SAFE and HAPPY!