What training methods do you use?
Positive training all the way! It’s SO important for families, because kids are watching… ALL the time… and they COPY what they see!
What is the difference in your program and others?
There’s really nothing else like this out there! It maximizes your time with families — not only do they get your sessions but all the info in the online program that they can’t get anywhere else.
Is this the right program for me?
We hope so! If you’ve got a solid understanding of positive reinforcement training, an ability to see the “red flags” of emerging behavior problems, and experience teaching the 6 skills you’ll find in this program (sit, come, attention, down, stay and loose leash walking), then it’s a go! *If you’re a new trainer, consider assisting an experienced trainer for a while before working with families, who can be much more challenging than the average client. ** If you are an advanced trainer, you’ll LOVE it! It makes attracting profitable family clients with an AMAZING (and super easy!) training experience an absolute SNAP — freeing you up to spend more time on your complicated cases.
Explain the pricing again!
$850 to buy the program today and $99 a year (starting next year) to continue being able to give all your family clients access to the online program. Take on just two family clients and the program will have more than paid for itself!
Are there payment plans?
Not right now, but check back in the future.
I have a biz partner — can we share the program?
The program is priced for a single trainer, but we totally get you may want others in your company to share!  So instead of each person having to pay the full price, there is just a one–time set up fee of only $199 for the designated administrator, and then $99 per year for each additional user. Just contact us directly at questions@thefamilydog.com to set everything up.
International purchases?
Sure! The course materials are all in English, and we take Visa, MC and AMEX from anywhere in the world.
Do you have a refund policy?
Since our materials are downloadable, there’s really no way to bring the program back with the tag still on, but we want our clients to be super happy. If you don’t think our program provides massive value, let us know within 15 days and we’ll refund your money.
How much can I charge for my services?
More! Your families will be getting a $200 online program for FREE plus SPECIALIZED family training designed specifically for their needs. We suggest you charge between 15–25% more than your normal rate. So you can see how easily this program pays for itself!
Do my clients have to use the online program?
Nope. You can use the curriculum by itself — and let them read the e–book, but we think you’ll LOVE having the online program too. Families need WAY more than training skills for their dog, and our online program (with all of its fun videos) delivers all the family intel for you before you even walk in the door, giving you more time for the fun stuff — training!
Can I still use the program if I quit paying the yearly fee?
Sure! The program materials are yours forever. You just won’t be able to share the online program with your clients.
How do I access the materials?
It’s all online and instantly downloadable!
Can I edit the handouts?
The handouts are fixed, but many of them have a space where you can add your business information.
Can I use the program for both privates and classes?
This curriculum is specifically designed for private sessions, but never fear! We have a class curriculum coming soon.
Does it include EVERYTHING you offer with your Dog Safety programs or just the presentations?
We’re gifting you THE WHOLE kit and caboodle! We want you to be super successful and haven’t left a single thing out.
Does your course cover puppy stuff — housetraining?
Our course focuses on the family relationship with their new dog, so you won’t find items super specific to puppies. However, the first session is designed to let you work in what you feel the family needs. We usually recommend a single pre–puppy (or just got the puppy!) session separate from the package to address these items. Other families choose to leave out some of what is covered in the final session to make room for puppy specifics up front.
Does your course cover aggression and other behavior issues?
Our course is designed for helping families create a GREAT relationship with their dog. While following the program may prevent many behavior issues from starting, there’s no substitute for a trainer’s eyes and ears on the ground. If you spot any red flags, put our program on pause IMMEDIATELY and use your expertise to deal with those issues straight away — or refer out to a specialist in your area! The faith your families have in your will skyrocket when you bring them all the resources their particular situation needs.
If I give my families the online program, will they still need me?
Absolutely! We have seen it time and again — parents NEED someone to hold their hand through this experience. So YOU will be the most important part of this package. Families are desperate for someone to hold their hand and show them how to make living with their new dog easier. By the end of this program, you’ll be their personal HERO!
Can I see the curriculum?
No sneaky–peeks on this one, but we’re happy to share some of the things that makes it so special:
  • Simplify the skills training so they learn and practice MORE
  • ZIP through a quick review of what they learned during the week in the online program
  • Play training games and involve every member of the family
  • Absolutely MAXIMIZE the use of a new skill for the dog in the family’s life every week
  • Check off what they’ve learned on a BRAG SHEET you can put right on the fridge to remind them of just how well they’re all doing!!