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What is Kid Dog Central?

Kid Dog Central is a truly unique <not to mention, insanely fun> 5 day camp curriculum for dog trainers to offer to kids and their pups. With 5 individually themed days (Basics, Tricks, Rally, Agility and Scent–work) every day feels fresh and exciting PLUS the kids and dogs get to notch up countless new skills!

This program is 20hrs of tuition, maxxed out with games, skills, dog sports, competitions, activities and even some dog safety education snuck in there too! Well, this is The Family Dog!

So, if you’ve ever LOVED the idea of running your own kids’ camp, but didn’t know where to start (or have the time to put it all together!) — dream answered. :)

Why Choose Kid Dog Central?

The summer can be loooong, and parents are ALWAYS looking for exciting new experiences for their kids while they’re at work — or trying to a bit of time for themselves!

This camp is unlike anything else. There are tons of sports and arts camps — but what could possibly be more special than a summer camp where a kid can go WITH their best bud?


KDC is such a flexible program that you can teach it in MULTIPLE WAYS!

1. It’s a SUMMER CAMP.


So you can teach it when school is in session too! AND the program is designed in such a way that kids can just jump in on ANY day without having to have been to previous days.

3. And **COMING SOON**: it’ll be a WEEKLY CLASS.

The same curriculum, just formatted as one-hour classes.

Also, while the camp was designed for kids aged 9–13 — the curriculum is SO fun, that it would totally be a hit with teen groups too!


As a trainer, it’s quite amazing to watch the kid–dog bond deepen and everyone’s confidence grow, as they master the skills. 

And nothing beats seeing the excitement as the teams come back each morning — itching to fill up with knowledge, fun and entertainment! 

How the camp works

With 4 hours of daily content, you can run the camp either in the morning, the afternoon, OR even add the option of a 6hr ’extended day’ for working parents. The two additional hours could include crafting or a movie for the kids, and downtime or playgroup for the dogs. This would be an additional charge.

Kids come without their parents, and spend their time at camp playing, working and bonding with their dog.

The camp can be run inside or in a safe space outside.

This camp is only suitable for dogs without aggression/reactivity issues.

Lunch/break time: Since it’s a Family Dog program — you’ll find some crucial dog safety information snuck in for good measure!

What you will get
Included is:

The FULL 5 day KID DOG CENTRAL program, with all the bells and whistles as listed below ($850)


The ability to gift our unique family–centric online family training program PEACE LOVE KIDS & DOGS (retail $199) to ALL your family clients.

The Kit

20hrs of entertainment: skills, games, competitions and activities – complete with a full script, bullet points, running times, and class directions to keep you on track throughout the day.

Everything you need to know to run the camp and to train assistants to help you is in the handbook. You’ll find everything from how to set up and manage the room, to game directions and handy tips on dealing with tricky situations and keep everything running smoothly.

Clearly this is a BIG program, so there are 3 supporting videos on how to set up and get the most from the program. You’ll get tips on working with kids and the nitty gritty on all the fun elements included in KDC to make your camp a rip–roaring success!

If, in the event that you’re running ahead of schedule, or the kid/dog teams master the skill quicker than planned — you’re set. Included are a list of additional tricks and games for you to fill time.

To keep you on track, you will get:

WEEKLY: A one–page weekly planner that breaks down all the exercises at a glance.

DAILY: A one–page daily planner for each day — which lays out exactly what props you need, the duration for each skill and a running timer to keep you on schedule.

You will need a few props for this camp.

Course layouts: Rally and agility days both have mini courses for the kid/dog teams to run — no designing necessary, just follow the plan and you’re all set.

Cards and signs: The cards for games, number and direction signs for the rally and agility days are all included.

You will also get a props list for the other equipment that you will need.

Included are:

WELCOME: "You’re coming to camp!" welcome email, giving the kids and their parents the scoop on what to expect and what to bring each day.

DAILY CHALLENGE: 4 Brag sheet challenge emails. You will get 4 cool, preformatted emails with what to work on, and what to bring for the next day — with space for you to add your logo!

SPECIAL TOUCHES: To make the kids’ camp experience truly unforgettable, you’ll find it’s been sprinkled with some Family Dog magic.


A PROMO VIDEO FOR YOUR WEBSITE showcasing your brand new camp with an exciting hot–mix!

MARKETING WORDING Just cut and paste our marketing text and you’re ready to sell the program to potential campers.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT Add your logo and camp dates to the pre–designed posts and you’re set to get the word out on social.

Branding Use the KDC branding or design your own camp name and look, to stay in–keeping with your company brand.


To Teach in Schools

DOG STARS (for Elementary/Primary Schools — $149) and I SPEAK DOGGIE (for Preschool/Nursery Schools $99) which are amazing marketing tools. Both are PERFECT to use as community outreach to attract family clients into your school.

By hosting these free presentations, you set you up as the "family" expert in your area and will generate an expanded client base for your company.

Both come complete with:

  • MARKETING EMAILS so that you can easily book the safety presentations.
  • TWO PRESS RELEASES to get the media attention you deserve.
  • A WELCOME VIDEO to guide you through getting started and maximizing the benefits of the programs for your business.
  • 2 TIPS AND TRICKS VIDEOS for making your presentations in the classroom a hit!
The Perks

Being able to offer classes for kids and dogs really increases your reach in your community. A summer camp is a great way to get new families into your classes… and then keep them! After they have a taster of all these fun new sports, don’t be surprised if they’re singing up for more!


Parents are ALWAYS looking for fresh, exciting activities to keep their kids busy over the breaks and this program is SO UNIQUE because it allows kids to come to camp with their best friend. For kids who don’t feel like they fit in at other camps — having the option of being able to go to camp with their dog is such a WIN! Doing something out of the box always puts you on the map.


For parents, possibly the only thing better than knowing that their KID had an AMAZING day at camp, is that their DOG had the time of their life too! 

That rare feeling of ZERO GUILT — seeing both their two and four–legged loved ones, blissfully exhausted, full to the brim with new knowledge and fun memories of the day, is a gift for parents. 

Being able to offer that gift… is PRICELESS!

Before You Buy, You’ll Need…

To teach KDC you will need to be an experienced positive dog trainer who is VERY comfortable teaching basic obedience, enjoy working with kids and preferably have taken (but not necessarily taught) rally and agility classes.


This curriculum is designed for one instructor plus one assistant, per 8 kids. Even with fewer kid/dog teams, you will need an extra pair of hands. 


You will need an indoor location, where you have the ability to add eye–hooks to the baseboard/skirting, to tether the dogs for safety. 

Alternatively, you could also run this program in an enclosed space outside, and use screw–down tie–out stakes instead.


Lastly there are some basic pieces of agility equipment that are used in the program, such as tunnels, planks (or ramps), jumps, hula hoops and tables. 

If you have them — awesome!  If not, there are many inexpensive options on  Also, if you’re handy — you can always make your very own. Fire up a Google search, and a ton of suggestions will appear at your fingertips.

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