The video says it all. We are Leah and Justine and that’s our story in a nutshell. We’ve lead crazy similar lives at a crazy pace. And we’re not alone. Women’s lives are moving faster and are more complicated than ever. Not only do you have to do it all, but you have to do it JUST RIGHT – stay in shape, raise super-smart-well-behaved children, keep the perfect house, kill it at work and somehow still look hot for date night. Now, add a puppy into the mix. It can easily be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. And that’s why we created the Family Dog. We want to help YOU. We can show you how to take this new challenge and turn it into another one of those balls you juggle so beautifully. Just training your dog is not enough. Everyone needs to be on the same page. We’re here to get ALL of you (adults, kids and dog) started on the right foot and never look back.
While teaching every level of dog training classes for 10 years, one problem stood out like a sore thumb: puppy school just wasn’t enough for families with young children. They needed more. So we started The Family Dog (an in-home dog training company) to bring practical solutions straight to families in need. It didn’t take long for word to get out. Before we knew it we were swamped! And that left two big fat problems: we couldn’t reach everyone locally and we quickly realized that just being “local” wasn’t enough! We wanted and needed to share this message with families all over the world.
If you want a great family dog – make your dog a real member of your family. Our mission is to change the way families look at their relationship with their dog. It’s not about being a boss, it’s about being a parent. We teach families to look at their new dog as if he is a TODDLER – then suddenly it all makes sense. That’s when they understand the amount of protection, patience and teaching he really needs. Raising a dog is a lot like raising a child, but with a few important differences. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to give every family the skills to raise their dog to be the best he or she can be. So like our site. Tell your friends. Help us change the world one family (and their much-loved dog) at a time.
We are members of the APDT and are CPDT-KA certified (only super geeky dog trainers know what that is, but it’s a pretty big deal). But we’re never satisfied, we always want to be better. We’re smart enough to know that we don’t know it all! That’s why we keep learning. We stay connected with the biggest players in the industry and we’re constantly educating ourselves to make our techniques better and your life easier.
We’ve been training dogs for over 10 years now. Many of those were spent teaching classes at St. Hubert’s, the best dog training school in the Northeast, where we taught everything from puppy kindergarten to the most advanced off-leash skills and even specialized sports. We have also competed in Rally Obedience, Agility and Nose Work, having earned titles in all three. Our dogs are certified Canine Good Citizens and trained therapy dogs.
We are in homes like yours every day. Our job is to help families live happily and safely with their dogs and have fun doing it. We’ve spent years developing the most effective, efficient and truly family-friendly training techniques – and we want to share them with you.
Check out what our clients have to say.
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Family Dog and their philosophy to other families... They were able to offer my family the help we needed to have a truly wonderful family dog. Andi (testosterone survivor: mother of 3 boys, a male dog AND a husband)