Give back and get growing.

Wouldn’t it be great to grow your business and know that you’re giving back at the same time?

Well, you can.

Our two BRAND NEW interactive dog safety programs were created specifically for trainers like you with these two goals in mind.

These programs are fun, effective and SUPER affordable.

Our two music-based video programs are a fantastic, creative, fun way to connect with kids on a whole new level while teaching them how to behave around dogs.

Both are super easy, plug-and-play programs that give you everything you need to teach dog safety and have fun doing it! The programs are built around their own music videos for you to play in the classroom. Their catchy lyrics are the springboard for your dog safety talk, making it really easy to remember your lines and fun for the kids to repeat long after you leave!

And it’s crucial for this message to get home to the parents, too – not only to reinforce your important safety talk, but also because they’re the ones that pick up the phone when they need a dog trainer. That’s why we give you a handout for the kids to take home which is customizable with your name, website and contact information.

And these aren’t just any handouts! They’re fun, memorable, and pretty enough to hang right in the kitchen!

There’s a certificate for each proud preschooler to show off as soon as they get home. And there’s a quiz for the “love-to be-smarter than-their-parents” elementary school kids, so they can go head-to-head with their folks and show off their new smarts.

While all of this is happening your name is right there, front and center – now that’s marketing you can feel good about!

These programs are about more than just marketing though – they’re about giving back and creating safer families and communities.

It’s kind of mind-blowing.

Up until now our industry has focused its child/dog safety message on how to deal with an unfamiliar dog approaching. But this statistic clearly shows it’s more important to teach kids how to live safely with the dogs they know rather than how to react to a strange aggressive dog they may meet.

And it keeps dogs safe, too! Kids’ inappropriate behavior frequently jeopardizes dogs’ lives everywhere. Because let’s be honest, it’s not the kid who gets sent off to the shelter when the dog bites.

That’s why our programs focus on one central theme: RESPECT – teaching kids what dogs really like, what they don’t like and when they just need a break!

A complete turn-key package with everything you need to GIVE BACK and GET GROWING, including: